Meaning And Use Of HTML Tags

I have heard many times from new learner of HTML that what is HTML Tag. Now I will tell you something about HTML Tags and use of HTML tags.

1. <HTML>…..</HTML> Hyper Text Markup Language.
2. <HEAD>….</HEAD> The head, or prologue, of the HTML document.
3. <TITLE>….</TITLE> The title of the document.
4. <BODY>….</BODY> All the other content in the HTML document.
5. <P>………… Paragraph.
6. </BR>…… Line break.
7. <A>……</A> Links the current HTML file to another file.
8. <LI>….. </LI> List.
9. <OL>…..</OL> order list.
10. <UL>…..</UL> Unorder list. 


HTML elements starts with a start tag/opening tag and ends with end tag/closing tag. The element content is everything between the opening and the closing tag. Some HTML elements have empty content. Empty elements are closed in the opening tag.


How To Create A Sample Page with HTML

Today I will tell you How To Create A Simple Page with HTML. It is very simple to make a webpage with html code. Just follow the steps and practice it then you will be able to make website with HTML.

First open the Notepad by going to the start menu of your computer and enter the following code.


<title> My First HTML Page</title>

<p> Your content description goes here.</p>



In the notepad use the above code and Save the file. To save the file myfirstpage.html give a title in the file name field and put .html after the title like Title.html then click save as type All Files and click save.

Now open the notepad with Internet Explorer or other browser which you prefer.

I hope that now you will be able to create a sample page by HTML.

If you face any problem or any other question then make a comment. I will get you soon.


Basic knowledge of HTML

At last I have decided to open a blog about learning programming from internet. But before learning programming you should no about it like as, what is HTML, XML, PHP etc. This is my first post on HTML. Here i will give you some idea of HTML. The word HTML means Hyper Text Mark Up Language. HTML tags normally come in pairs like <h1> and </h1>. The first tag in a pair is the start tag, the second tag is the end tag. HTML is require to design a website. By the help of HTML one can design his website.

There are two types of web application and they are

1. Dynamic Page
2. Static Page

Database is require for Static page but it is not necessary for Dynamic page.

HTML document starts and endsĀ  as like as following code. Continue Reading